Shopping in Phnom Penh is a must indulge in activity as you get to interact with loads of locals (despite not being able to communicate with many of them it’s still fun to interact with them), shop for some innovative local stuff and get to experience another aspect of this gorgeous and vibrant city. Though there are no malls here, there are still loads of small stores, chic boutiques and in some instances loads of shops aggregated in a building. However there are some ground rules to be followed here, else you will be in danger of loosing an arm and a leg (in terms of price paid for the stuff bought) –

  1. First, never believe the first price quoted by the shop keeper. It will always be an inflated price.
  2. Second, never buy jewelry or any jewels from here (unless you recognize originals from fake) no matter how big a steal…

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Since I’m heading off to Amsterdam until Tuesday, and decided to leave my desk for a little while – not taking my notebook with me – I thought it would be a great idea  to send out a little holiday inspiration to all of my readers. For most of us summer holidays probably are just around the corner…

In my last post I talked about the cute scalloped shorts by 100% love I am wearing.

I got in touch with Maya Nuranti, the designer, and kindly asked her if she could tell me more about Bali.  She  had been so kind to send me some beautiful photographs, so I could get a better idea in case Indonesia will be on my traveling plan. If you have a closer look, you will see the designer on the beach wearing the same tulip shorts as I:

You can get this lovely tulip…

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Bí Kíp Đạo Văn

(Bài viết có lấy ý tưởng và tham khảo từ vụ bê bối đạo văn của nhà SweetDeath4U. Vì áp dụng biện pháp “tránh chui” trong việc bị dán mác đạo văn (đạo ý tưởng thì chính xác hơn) nên bài viết này chỉ ghi công, có thể tự do thoải mái đăng lại mà không cần báo người viết. )

..:: Tựa ::..

Bí kíp danh môn chính phái dành cho những ai chuẩn bị đạo văn người khác; đang đạo nhưng chưa đăng; đang đăng đồ mới đạo; đăng xong đồ đạo mà chưa bị phát hiện; đăng xong đồ đạo lâu rồi mà chưa bị phát hiện; đồ đạo bị phát hiện; đồ đạo bị phát hiện và lên án; đồ đạo bị phát hiện, lên án, báo cáo và bị xử lý.

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Ever have a hard time deciding what color scheme to use for the nursery or that boring space which desperately needs a makeover? Well, look no further than what you already have around the house! 

I created three different colors schemes from an arrangement that’s currently in my room. You can use your favorite things and pull a collection of colors from them.

The inspiration. 

Color scheme #1: inspired by pink hydrangeas and the leaves. 

Color scheme #2: inspired by the leaves and pearls. 

Color scheme #3: inspired by hydrangeas and tiffany & co. 

Have fun creating an unlimited possibilities of color schemes from ordinary objects around your house!

‘Til next post, Kellie

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